Power Brokers Insurance, Inc. was founded in October, 2010.  The Vickery’s had previously owned Vickery & Associates, Inc. for over 15 years.  After about a 6 year hiatus from agency ownership, we returned to agency ownership.

We are committed to operating as a focused, lean, entrepreneurial insurance brokerage that takes a unique approach to market and agent relationships.

If you do business with Power Brokers, you can expect us to be:

  • Transparent – during the brokerage process, we will tell you what markets we are going to approach, keep you apprised of the status of the submission and will be abundantly clear when we do not believe we have a reasonable chance at placing an account.
  • Creative – We are not afraid to make that extra phone call to assist you in the placement of your accounts, even if it means that at some point we will step out of the picture and make an introduction to another market.
  • Innovative – We will not be bound by run of the mill, stodgy, traditional insurance markets and distribution channels – as we evolve, expect to see some very innovative products and ideas from Power Brokers.

Larry Vickery
24/7 phone:  901-830-4062
email:  larry@powerbrokersins.com